Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I go to school with a bunch of racists apparently

So there is a meme page for my school, ETSU. Today I saw this on the page. 122 people liked this meme (and counting). Some students voiced there opinions about how this is racist while others defended it. Surprise surprise! All the students defending it are white. Just look at some of the idiotic and ignorant things these people have to say:

No, seriously, though. Why must they scream at the top of their lungs? I kinda wonder how they can understand each other.

i guess they cant hear each other 10 feet away.

Hey douche bags! Have you ever thought about that maybe people get a little loud when they are having a good time? Maybe you should try it some time! 

One man goes on to say this:

How is racist exactly? Were you outside sherrod today? lol. It could have been a group of white people and if this guy made a meme about it noone would care.

Hey man, don't you get it? That's the point! Nobody would make a meme like this about white people because it's "ok" for white people to hang out and have a good time. No shame in that right?! Blatant racism going on at my school, and that my friends is the true shame. Actions like this meme that represent and enforce racist ideologies are what really puts our school to shame. Way to perpetuate a southern stereotype folks. 

Also it's worth mentioning that whoever posted this did so on an account that was obviously made just to make the post. The account has no pictures and no friends and not really any activity. What does this tell us? That the poster is not only a racist but also a coward. 


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    1. Even though you removed your comment, I still saw what it said in my inbox. Yes racism goes all ways, but I still don't see how that justifies it. So your point makes no sense as an argument.