Monday, November 14, 2011

Female Chauvinist Pigs: Did you even read it?!

I know this make me seem like a jerk kind of, but geez.....I feel like some of you didn't actually read Female Chauvinist Pigs or just didn't understand it. Just because you are a female and have a lot of guy friends doesn't make you a FCP, like some of you are indicating on your blog. A FCP pretty much treats other women like a sexist man treats women. They hate the "girly girl". What's the "girly girl"? The woman who worries about make-up, gets her nails done, tries to "look pretty", does feminine activities. Do you understand that? A FCP hates a woman like this so she fits in with men who act like assholes basically. She goes to the strip club with them and degrades and gets entertainment off the very women she hates, making them into objects as if somehow that even makes sense. A FCP like doing masculine activities but takes it to the next level by trying to leave behind their femininity. The most girliest girl ever can go ride around on dirt bikes or play football, but the FCP looks down on women who don't. A FCP likes pornography and will even defend it, saying things like "it doesn't hurt me personally so I don't care", "The women in the porno's deserve it for being such sluts". A FCP pig would say SHE DID DESERVE TO GET RAPED BECAUSE SHE WAS DRESSED LIKE A SLUT. Do you get it now? DO YOU GET IT?! Please go read the article again, read it twice more. Go buy the actual book it's from and read it. Sheeeeeeesh

Bottom line, having guy friends or feeling like sometimes you get along better wi
th guys=can be a good thing. Being a FCP= not good.

"When you become and exception to the rule, and the rule is that women are INFERIOR. You haven't made any progress"

Does anyone even read this stuff (these blogs) I'm starting to wonder?

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