Monday, November 14, 2011

Back to Mad Men

Listen, I know it seems like I won't shut up about Mad Men but when we were watching the clip about the whole beauty myth and ideal beauty and how it's enforced through the media, I couldn't help but to start thinking about Mad Men.....again.

Like the introduction to chapter 5 and the clip from class tells us, society and the media's ideal woman has no pores, is rail thin, white, big breast, manicured, pedicured, small nose, big lips, no scars, size 0-2, etc, etc. You get the picture. If you think about what character from most shows is supposed to be the "sex symbol", she usually fits that description.

Well the power of the media may be stronger than you realized. That's why the "sex symbol" from mad men that I hear all my male friends going on about how hot she is, is a size 14. That's right a size 14, do even some of you all think that's fat? Shame on you.

The actor's name is Christina Hendricks. She plays the character Joan Halloway on AMC's Mad Men and last year Esquire named her one the sexiest women of the year. No one at her size as EVER received this label from Esquire. So what do ya think about that?!

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