Friday, August 26, 2011

Angry Vegan Moment

Do you ever have one of those angry vegan moments? You of those moments where you see one of your carnivore acquaintances wearing a dead animal and it just makes you sick to your stomach. You can't really say anything because you've already been around the block with this person and they are so stupid that they can't realize that animals feel pain. Yeah.... It pisses you off. I mean why? Why do you think it's cool or even ok to kill an animal simply just to wear it's skin or bones? You are sick, something is wrong with your head. I wish someone would rip out YOUR spine and wear it for a belt you sick piece of sh*t. Yeah...I'm having an angry vegan moment. I have them all the time. Also notice I mentioned acquaintance, vegans aren't really friends with carnists because they make us sick. Oh? You are mad I said that because you are dating a carnists? F*cking hypocrite....It's ok for them to participate in mass torture and slaughter? Yes...That's right! I'm having an angry vegan moment. I have them all time. Yes that's right, we don't want to be your friend because you hurt. You hurt animals for no reason at all. Selfish a**hole. Even if you try to stay friends with your carnist friends from before you went veg, you notice how they push you away and treat you different. Why? Because eating a diet based on death, torture, and massacre of the innocents is more important than a friendship with you. I'm having an angry vegan moment.


  1. I have more sad vegan moments, especially for those who acknowledge that the animals feel pain but don't care because they taste good.


  2. Yep. Most people know me IRL as a happy vegan who doesn't talk about vegan so much. But my private life, WOW. :)

  3. I have these every day :-( I try to surround myself with as many good people and animals as possible to keep my spirits up. So difficult.

  4. As a five year strong vegan I'd just like to say that you should kindly go fuck yourself. You're an idiot. You make me a lot sicker than any of my "carnist".

    Also, fuck you "Get Skinny, Go Vegan" for body shaming.