Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How Facebook has changed our relationships

I don't usually write things of this nature but I can't help to point this out after thinking about the subject and also experiencing it myself in multiple situations. Facebook has seemed to have drastically changed the way we experience relationships. I am referring to intimate relationships of course.

I remember back in the old days when you were in a relationship and you didn't have to see countless numbers of people hitting on your significant other. Back in the old days this mostly happened when they were not around you. Well those days are gone my friends, now all you have to do is go to your significant other's Facebook wall and you can see it all! Even worse your significant other may leave their Facebook account signed into your computer, and you don't even wanna read what's in their inbox most of the time. Of course if you are a perfect human being and never get jealous that your partner doesn't seem to mind the endless compliments and hook up attempts and even responds most the time with innocent kindness, then you are in the clear. Unfortunately most of us are not perfect, therefore because of Facebook our own insecurities are then reinforced by having to read this nonsense everyday.

AND IT DOESN'T END THERE!!!! Let's not forget about the almighty and glorious relationship status. Now your partner can dump you publicly on Facebook and all the friends who pretended that they liked your partner the whole time are suddenly "liking" the break up. Thanks a lot you bunch of jerks for lying to me the entire time like you were down! Anyone ever had that partner that doesn't want to go Facebook official? Well I'll go ahead and save you some trouble, sadly in this world we live in nowadays it's not official unless it's Facebook official. That's right I'm telling you right now if you aren't labeled on Facebook, you are still single. There are only a couple reasons why anyone would not want to go Facebook official. They always say it's because they don't want everyone knowing there business. Well that's weird....You mean you don't want anyone to know that we are dating but you don't care if everyone knows where you are at all times of the day by checking in every damn place you go??? Really what this means is that your partner has multiple partners that they are spouting the same crap to. This way they can use multiple people for cash/rides/place to sleep/food/make them feel good about themselves/sex or whatever they are benefiting off of messing with your head and heart. If they went official with you it would ruin all their scams and lies, so they keep it marked as nothing. It doesn't even say they are single or anything. Dangerous games you are playing by participating in one of these relationships. The only other reason they won't go official is because they are just that ashamed that people might find out they are with you, in this case you mine as well kill yourself because that's pretty low.

Remember back when you called your partner and they didn't answer and you assumed they were too busy and you waited till they called you back? Oh yeah, those were the good old days! Now after attempting to call your partner and getting ignored you can log into Facebook and see where they actually ignored you because they were too busy making 2 new friends on Facebook, responding to some low-life's wall post, and liking "Glee" on Facebook. That's more important than answering the phone when their lover is calling right? RIGHT? Sheesh.... What is the world coming to?

Thanks a lot Facebook for making relationships even more complicated than they already were in the first place!

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  1. I don't think every relationship is like that through FB, it just depends on the user. I am fairly careful who can see my info and although my hubby has a lot of people who he friended for games he gets rid of them real quick if they try or say anything questionable. I love my facebook, it helps me keep in contact with people I care about that are distant, like my pal Phae who is currently in Iraq.

    FB doesn't kill relationships, people who can't be open and honest with their partner do.