Wednesday, May 16, 2012

3 stupid anti-veg t-shirts and why

I have actually seen people wearing these shirts with my own eyes. They are pretty ignorant, inconsiderate, and I'll explain to you why.\

This one is pretty stupid because it is designed to say, "Hey vegetarian! The food I eat desecrates your front lawn. The animals you want to protect are making a mess all over your lawn you idiot!"

Ironically most people who eat meat consume factory farmed animals. The meat from these animals actually has fecal matter in the meat due to the unsanitary process of how the meat is taken from the animals.  YUM!

This one is pretty ignorant for the fact that native Americans of the past would have seen factory farming as an abomination. On top of that, I would imagine that native Americans would have not seen the point or need to hunt in a society where meat is readily available, making modern day hunters the bad hunters. (hunting is better than supporting factory farming, but I don't often meet a hunter that only hunts. They seem to usually hunt and support factory farming.)

This shirt is just offensive and inconsiderate. If you are a follower of my blog then you already know that I don't even like PETA. With that being said the wearers of this shirt have no respect for others opinions or beliefs. Would you wear a shirt that says you are a racist, homophobic, or sexist? It's pretty much the same thing to us. Because oppression is oppression. A shirt designed to make veg people feel uncomfortable, and why? Just simply because we care about an injustice happening in the world. I know our shirts can be pretty extreme, but hey we are telling the truth. They are just trying to offend us and belittle our cause.

Don't let people wearing aggressive shirts get you down, just remember that they are just living in a state of ignorance. They could wake up one day, I did.


  1. An interesting blog, will have to read through the rest....

    I've never understood aggressive shirts, especially those aimed at lifestyle differences.

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