Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Men and Single Mothers

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It's not cool for a man to date a single mother. This is mostly due to policing from peers, media, and stereotypes of single mothers. However there are men who have become so lonely that they decide to start dating single mothers, because they believe that single mothers are desperate to find a man. Sadly the man falls into this mentality because it is a stereotype and he has a low self confidence. However, he doesn't seem to realize that a single mother is actually more picky about whom she dates due to the fact that she must consider her child in all of her decisions. That includes men.
Feminist men can see it another way. Becoming a male feminist means that you can comfortably date a single mother and see how it goes from there.

Masculine Gendered Male: Single Mother Stereotypes (list)
They are desperate
They are whores
They are easy
They are "gold diggers"
Unable to please men
Are gross due to stretch marks
Only goal is to find a father for child
On welfare

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