Thursday, April 19, 2012

No profit for the obsessed male feminist

Although I addressed this lightly in the video. I just want to reiterate that I am not making a profit of any T-shirts, only spreadshirt is. They are set to the minimum price and I do not make a single cent off of it. I made the shirts so whenever I thought of a shirt that I wanted that I can't get anywhere else, I could just design it and order it for myself. I put them on my blog in case others want the shirts, but I don't make any kind of profit. If you don't believe me, start your own spreadshirt account and look at how the pricing works. Mostly I just wanted a shirt that said "This is what a vegan feminist looks like" in the style of the FMF shirts. Apparently this obsession of mine is a huge problem, but oh well. My life is a lot better even though I am so OBSESSED now that I am a vegan feminist, but that's ok with me! I like who I am, maybe you should try and like who you are to. Maybe you should become so passionate about something that you are obsessed with it. Feminism is a big part of my future career. Perhaps you are going to school to be a teacher? I hope you are obsessed with children's education! How about a nurse or doctor? I hope you are obsessed with helping sick people. Because if you are not, you are in the wrong field of study.

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