Sunday, April 3, 2011

One person can make a difference!

I am not posting this to be arrogant, but I just wanted to show you this to let you know that YOU can make a difference as well! By just touching one person you make a huge difference, below are just a few things people have sent/said to me.

“You gave me the hope that I needed to go vegan again and believe that I can stick with it, I was so used to being surrounded by people who attacked me and did not support me. Thank you for providing me with that support.”

“Your recent proactive attitude and way of life is admirable. Our world is overly abundant in unjust atrocities and someone like me would find despair in the seemingly infinite negativity and give up on ideals when it comes to the task of trying to make a forcible impact. You actively fight for those same ideals and stay strong and are still able to smile, be funny and make others feel better about things (like tonight). That is your role and I am glad you have taken it. My roles are small: giving what I can directly to organizations that try to fix this silly broken place, share and model my views and love with my loved ones and hope seeds of inspiration can influence their lives, and applaud people like you. People like you clean up and educate the world. The innocent lives (of all species) deserve a world like that. You were always strong. Thank you.”

“You have been a big inspiration to me. Because of you I went from being a meat eater that didn’t care about anything going on in the world, to being a vegan and aspiring activist!”

“I want to continue to think about these things (oppression of humans and animals) as I start figuring out what exactly I want to do with my life. Thanks for making me think”

“What you are doing has inspired me to get involved and try to make this world better for my children”

“Hanging out with you has actually really changed me in a good way. Before you all I knew were self-indulgent, self-absorbed, denial reliant dullards. I obediently played the cards I was dealt, happy that at least I got dealt a slightly better hand than most people. Then I met you. I'll admit when I first met you I didn't take you very seriously. I thought there is no way someone actually lives this kind of moral high road lifestyle. However, as I got to know you I got to see more and more how strong your willpower actually is. So strong in fact that it make me second guess myself. Being around you has made me realize that I have kind of been scraping by like a c student in the school of life. I hope to one day to have a will as powerful as yours. You inspired the fire in me to seek out my true destiny. I must thank you because finally at last I am LIVING! I have never felt this happy and fulfilled. Thank you for challenging my thinking and my comfortable safe life. I am very glad that we met.”

“Thank you, because of what you do I feel like I can do it to!”

“You have opened my eyes to the truth, just by being yourself and standing up for what you think is right! Thanks so much.”

“I never really thought about where my food came from until I met you”

You can make a difference to! Never give up!!! We can change this world!

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