Monday, November 14, 2011

Veg Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination branches out to more than just the obvious scenarios that may come to your mind. New Yorker, Ryan Pacifico, sued his former employer for sexual discrimination after being constantly attacked for being vegetarian. You might be asking yourself, how is this sexual discrimination? We live in a society where it is acceptable for women to be vegetarian and vegan because it is seen as kind, compassionate, or caring. These are traits expected of women so it's perfectly ok. When you are a man and you choose not to take part in the expected patriarchal act of consuming everything possible, like eating meat, then you are pushing up against the grain. Just as the child on the playground is bullied and policed because he is no good at sports, males of the veg community are treated the same way by male carnists. Nightly I am called a "fag" or "pussy" just because I don't eat animals. Why does this anger or upset the carnist males? Perhaps because you are openly displaying that you are capable of compassion, a stereo-typically feminine trait. What's wrong with this? If you have feminine traits and you are man, that MUST mean that you are homosexual. This brings us to homophobia. I'm sure now you can see how Pacifico was sexually discriminated against. Because he did not conform to the masculine gender role, he was abused and eventually fired by his supervisor. Gotta love that policing of gender, it just keeps going....and going...and going...

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