Saturday, March 24, 2012

What comes on the cheese fries and Belvedere Vodka is pro-rape

Part I: Work

Today a guy called in and asked, "What comes on the cheese fries?"

I was like, "....Cheese."

The guy was like, "You don't have to be a smart ass."

I said, "It has salt and pepper on it to."

Seriously, who asks that? I get some really insane stuff said to me at work. This one customer called me like 15 times tonight because he thought we were conspiring to steal his money. He ordered a delivery and paid over the phone. He called every 10 minutes until his food was finally delivered to him, asking things like, "Is the food really on its way? How do I know you are telling me the truth? How can I be sure the food is coming?"

This guy was driving me NUTS!

Something funny happened. A guy puked all over the bathroom floor so his friend tipped the server extra money. I'm like, "Hey jack ass, I'm the one who has to clean the bathrooms!"

Not that she needs defense, but she did clean a lot of it up. It's my job. Har har har.

Part II: Belvedere Vodka

So have you seen this ad yet? WTF?! This is not cool, totally unacceptable. Date rape is not a joke. I feel like it's getting to a point in our society where date rape is some how becoming acceptable. Like that's just the way it is. Well I'm sorry men out there, but if you get someone drunk to have sex with them..... YOU ARE A RAPIST! Actually no, I'm not sorry. 

Anyway this type of advertising just goes to show how women are really viewed are in our society. Just another product for human consumption.

Well I'm not going to stand for it. Men out there, I beckon you to do your research and educate yourselves about feminism. Are you the man in the ad? You don't have to stand for this anymore either.

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