Monday, November 14, 2011

PETA pissing me off....AGAIN

Before I begin, let me catch you up to speed. I use to be a writer for, and I wrote this article about PETA and Sexism. So read this first...

I received a lot of feedback from this article, including a B.S. response from PETA and someone from Cattle Drover magazine even wrote an article about me. I know we haven't talked about pornography yet in class but like I said, now I'm really pissed.

PETA now has decided to launch their own porn site. They say it will combine images of pornography with images of animal cruelty. WTF?! Now they've really gone too far. Don't understand how Pornography hurts men and women? Porn justifies and reinforces rape myths that women enjoy and deserve pain, humiliation and violence. That's just scratching the surface really, I would HOPE that we can at least all agree that porn is F***ed up. (seeing that some of you think that transgender people are going to "hell", and that heteronormative gender socialization in our culture is a good thing).

So kids get exposed to porn easier now than ever before, THANKS INTERNET! Sometimes this leads to people developing sexual preferences and fetishes. So imagine when some kid is wanting to see naked ladies online and the first thing he sees is graphic sex images, that objectify women and make him feel like his penis is too small, BEING SPLICED WITH IMAGES OF COWS AND PIGS BEING BRUTALLY TORTURED AND SLAUGHTERED! I'm sorry this is some sick shit. PETA wtf is wrong with you?! Are you serious? Thank you PETA for making animal rights advocates look insane and disrespectfully slapping us Vegan Feminists right through our faces. Misogyny in the name of Animal Welfare is not the answer. Shame.

I personally have never liked PETA because they are so sexist. If you are interested in Animal Rights you can talk to me or check out Mercy For Animals (MFA) they support LBGT, even marching in pride parades with a MFA Banner that reads "No one is free when others are oppressed." You hear that PETA?

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