Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hegans: The New Term for Male Vegans

What is a Hegan? It's simple a male vegan. I am seeing this term flying all over the internet and have even heard a few friends use the term. I don't like this term because I feel like it's some kind of way to spotlight the fact that the vegan is male, as if it makes some kind of difference. Obviously it's a good thing that more men are going vegan. Due to the emasculating stereotypes that go along with veganism, it's like someone decided they needed to "man up" the word vegan so it would feel more manly to be a vegan. I don't see why women have to be vegan and men have to be hegan. It's kind of silly. It's like the same thing as spotlighting women in occupational roles of doctor, lawyer, or police officer by saying "It's a woman doctor, or woman police officer". I think that veganism and feminism go hand in hand, and to run around and start calling yourself and other male vegans hegans is the beginning of dragging even more gender inequity into veganism and the animal rights movement.

According to this article the Hegans, don't give a flying ball skin about animals or the environment. They are just old douchebags trying to live longer. Apparently from what I have read, this is one the original articles that the term hegan appears. So I guess the term hegan is a masculine gendered male who wants to live longer through dieting, and the diet just happens to be veganism (Cause DUH! It's the best diet). For them it's not a lifestyle change just a diet. So screw going hegan, GO VEGAN!


  1. Hegans? Oh Lordy. It just makes me imagine middle aged white dudes in spandex with giant H's on their chests.