Wednesday, November 16, 2011

PETA Attacks Mario! Oh My God!

PETA is attacking Mario now. First they degrade women in the name of animal rights, now they are attacking Nintendo’s Mario. This is ridiculous PETA. For those of you who don’t know, a tanuki is a raccoon like animal that lives in Japan. For one thing it’s obviously not a real tanooki skin or even supposed to be a real one. What? Is it from a giant tanooki? Those do not even exist. It looks like some kind of mascot style suit to me; it doesn’t even look furry like it’s made of rubber or something. I have seen PETA protestors dressed like Chickens before. Are you telling me that dressing like a chicken for an animal rights protest promotes wearing fur in the name of animal rights? Hmmm Geee that sounds familiar. It sounds just like your campaign that enforces sexism through the forms of absent referents and countless photoshopped models posing for Anti-Fur. The same campaign that says it’s ok to sacrifice women in the name of animal rights. So what’s the difference? First women, now Mario? Leave Mario Alone! Chris Crocker, come on, you’re vegan or vegetarian I think. Tell them; tell them to leave Mario alone!

The suit doesn’t even resemble a real animal skin, and I didn’t even think it was real when I was a child. And anyways, I am pretty sure the suit is magical. It just appears on you, so that proves that it’s not even from a real tanooki. It’s faux fur made out of pixels. That’s better than most real faux fur that has dog and cat fur in it. Why aren’t they saying anything about the frog suit or the fact that Mario de-shells and kills countless turtles or the fact that he kills dinosaurs, a species that is extinct but somehow in Mario there are some left and Mario kills them all? It’s genocide of dinosaurs in Mario people! It’s ridiculous PETA, so geez give it a rest you sexist lunatics.

I grew up on Mario. Disowning Mario for the tanooki suit is just like disowning your father because he wears leather shoes. Mario is a family member.


According to

While Tanooki Mario returns in Super Mario 3D Land, the Tanooki Suit doesn't. [1] Instead, Mario must obtain a Super Leaf to transform into Tanooki Mario. Tanooki Mario is able to attack enemies with his tail and scuttle to jump longer. Statue Mario also appears, but only after Mario (or Luigi) grabs a Statue Leaf, which is a brand new item in the game.

This means that now instead of it being a suit that Mario wears it is more like the magic leaf transform Mario into some kind of Tanooki Human Hybrid. So now I really don't see what is the big issue? If this does anything it just makes people aware that there is actually an animal called a tanuki that exists, it does not promote fur.

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