Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Calling out my classmates

So I couldn't help it, I called out my classmates in Women's Studies class, Here is what I said....

So..... A lot of presentations about marriage on the day I presented "Hot Dog Penises and Vaginal Pies: How Food is Gendered through the Context of the Media", I noticed.

First of all I would like to apologize to my classmates for whose presentation I missed, I truly regret missing them.

With that being said, if you did your "research" project about marriage and it was in the style of the presentations I witnessed on December 1st, then I am calling you out. For one thing, you all just told us about the stereotypical aspects and information about weddings that we all already know. The stuff we have been conditioned to know about marriage since birth pretty much. Where are the findings of your RESEARCH???? I certainly didn't learn anything new. Perhaps you are from somewhere that marriage does not exist, so your presentation was actually new findings for you! Maybe you did not understand the assignment? Maybe you were just lazy? Maybe a combination? Whatever the reason, I am disappointed. How come no one talked about how marriage is literally a property exchange, where the woman is the property being sold/given from one man to another? How come no one talked about how the concept of the white wedding effects men and women in our culture? How come no one talked about non christian weddings? It seemed non traditional weddings were hardly mentioned, and very briefly at that I could go on all day about the social institution of marriage and try to teach you about marriage and the different social aspects of the issue, but THAT'S WHAT YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO DO! Right? You could have at least regurgitated the material on marriage from class but you didn't even do that! Geez, next time actually do some research as the title of the assignment, "Research Project", implies. What you all did would be like if I got up for my presentation and explained to you what food literally is and gave the book definition of gender.

"Hi, my name is Steven Garnett. I did my research on food and gender. Gender is....well crap I forgot, how about sex? Sex is if you are a male or
female! That's the same as gender right?! Let me tell you about food! Carrots and Grains are food! You can eat them! People eat them for lunch everyday!!!"

It's disrespectful to the instructor and your classmates, and yes I can be kind of a douche.

And just so you know, I am not against people getting married. I am happily divorced myself! My choices in life and my opinions in this post have nothing to do with how I was raised, I assure you!
(Uh oh! What ya gonna do?!)

Oh and one last thing! While I'm complaining let me offer you some advice. Stop making power points where everything you say is bulleted in power point. This is boring and makes for a dull presentation....You folks are in college.

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