Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cut my hair for the cause!

The new semester is about to start and so I cut off my hair! Some people begged me not to do it, others have been begging me to do it....for years! Well the time has finally come. The time of my hair being cut from my head. Well how does it look?


Here is why I did it. As you may know I am an activist for animals. This means I have to talk to new people and give presentations to strangers at times. People like an approachable look. I feel that my old haircut intimidated people in some way or another, at times. Although I already knew this, it was pointed out to me by a classmate last semester. Once this happened I started thinking about the possibility that someone might have stuck around to hear me out just because I seemed like a normal approachable man. So yeah, I did it for the animals! (but I think it looks good :p)

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