Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My scooter was stolen

To most people I know that it seems like I am handling this pretty well. The truth of the matter is.......THAT I'M PISSED! Can you believe this nonsense? I mean who the hell steals someone's bike? People can be pretty sick. You know what? I actually liked that bike. An orange and white Honda Metropolitan of glory. People laughed at me sometimes as they passed me buy....... I didn't care, it was fun to ride. Now I have to walk everywhere I go or bother someone for a ride. I mean it's not bad walking to work or school, but it's still annoying..... Mostly because the reason that I'm walking is because SOMEONE STOLE MY BIKE!
Now I have to go through the whole insurance claim process, which you know what's like if you've ever filed a claim for a stolen vehicle. For those of you who don't I will say this:
It's like your sibling took your toy and hid it from you. You aren't sure who did it but you tell your mom it's missing, but for some reason she starts searching your room. You are like, "Hey mom, what the heck?! SOMEONE STOLE IT! It's not in my room!"
And then your mom is like, "Yo son, I gotta make sure you didn't steal it yourself just to try and get a new toy!"
So you're all like, "What?! Are you kidding me mom?!"
Your mom replies, "I just have to make sure it's not fraud."

It gets worse and more annoying, but geez I've had enough already just typing about it. It's going to take forever to replace it. Whoever stole my bike, karma is going to kick your ass.

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