Wednesday, February 15, 2012

With PETA it never ends.... My Boyfriend Went Vegan PETA ad is profoundly offensive.

What's up fellow feminists? I am a quite passionate feminist and have somewhat radical views. I am also just as passionate a vegan and animal rights advocate. PETA has been long angered me as a feminist with it's portrayal of photo shopped models, this is something I have spoke out against on my personal blog and as a writer for PETA responded quick and responded to me with a personal letter that addressed none of my points and accuses me of being sexist. Anyway if you follow my blog then you know about my whole thing with PETA. WELL PETA IS AT IT AGAIN! Just watch their new ad and let me see how it sits with you. I was deeply offended as a feminist and a vegan. Before watching this video, please note that studies do show that people who partake in a vegan diet often make better lovers. (Don't blame me, that's the facts!) This video is sexist because the woman is the classic sex victim and receiver of violence, and is portrayed that she enjoys it. Therefore inviting men to think that if they go vegan they will be able to perform intercourse so rough and violent that it will result in the woman having to go to the hospital and some how we think that's a good thing. This is offensive to vegans because, as usual, PETA is providing yet another false portrayal of women and once again making all vegans seem like insane young sex-crazed women. Screw you PETA!

Here is the ad.....

After watching the ad, I checked out what people on YouTube were saying and I was pleased to see that the top rated comment said:

My problem with this campaign has nothing to do with veganism. It's the positive portrayal of women getting physically injured by their boyfriends. Yes, I get the "joke" of amazing sexual prowess by veganism, but nevertheless, you've ended up with a campaign where you try to get people to do a particular thing, and then show that thing by boyfriends causing girls to wear neck braces and eyepatches. It's very counter-productive.

"is literally idiot"... right... Clearly this is a joke, Peta is not advocating marital abuse and clearly she is shown to enjoy it. Peta, along with all male enhancement, beer commercials, etc, have recognized the one of the few ways to get through to the average philistine man is to exploit sexual performance. Can't blame them for knowing their audience. I have a feeling 90% of the down votes here are from carnivores that are self conscious of their sexual performance.

1 thing they also don't mention is that when someone goes vegan they have to start taking protein pills and more vitamins because they arent getting the proper nutrition they need from eating vegetables



This is a joke.

"Boyfriend brings it like a tantric pornstar."

She hit her head on the wall during


This commercial was halarious.

This video rules!

Folks need to lighten up, Kevin Nealon does the narration for this video. It's clearly just a tongue-in-cheek joke about some really vigorous, long lasting sex with her newly vegan boyfriend. She doesn't have any bruises, or cuts. Her boyfriend is clearly a hipster nerd who doesn't understand his sex-strength and she is feeling so good she challenged him with a bag of celery.

She got her bottom knocked out folks! I'm sure his penis hurts, too.

have some sex, it's fun!

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